Florida Lottery Club

Welcome to the Florida Lottery Club. Let’s face it; the economy is driving a lot of people to the lottery lines. Therefore, if you are going to play the Florida Lottery, you might as well play smart. 

Our Mission is clear: Win the Lottery. 

If you are serious about beating the Florida Lottery, you have come to the right place. Our members are focused, motivated and dedicated to winning. If you want a quick get-rich scheme, you are in the wrong place.  

The objective of the Florida Lottery Club is…

…to create a winning atmosphere for its members by covering all 10,000 combinations of the Florida Lottery game Play4. In order to accomplish this, the following must be achieved:


2. Enroll 250 members.

3. Provide each member with a series of unique numbers to play.

4. Establish a date and time for all the members to play their unique numbers.

If all of the members play their unique numbers on the same date for the same drawing, a member is guaranteed to win. Odds of winning are 1 out of 250.

Join Now! 

Once you’ve become a member we will teach you unique strategies on:

1.  How to Win on your own

2.  How to Win as a group

Our goal is to make you a winner!!

Remember, membership is limited to 250 members.  So, do not delay.  We will stop accepting members at 250.

The Florida Lottery Club is based on the following principals: 

1. Treat the Florida Lottery as a business, not a game.

2. Establish a solid business plan and stick with it until you succeed.

3. Invest; don’t gamble.

4. Be patient and wait your turn.

5. Be courteous and encourage other members.

Join our Florida Lottery Club today.  You could become the next winner!


• Space is limited to 250 members.

• Each member will be given a series of unique Florida Lottery numbers, thus covering all the odds.

• Once a drawing date is set, all the members will play their unique numbers on the same day for the same drawing.

• A member is guaranteed to win because all the odds for that particular drawing will be covered by the members.

• The next drawing is for $25,000. A member will have 1 out of 250 chances to win $25,000.

For more information, please view our FAQ section.To become a member, email us your name and city to info@WinHugeCash.com or use the Contact Us form.Don’t forget to view the video HOW TO BEAT THE LOTTERY THE EASY WAY.

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Members Only Forum Area

One of the many benefits of being a Florida Lottery Club member is getting direct access to the Members Only area located within the forum area. As a member you will be able to communicate with other members to discuss topics that are important to you.

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